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Bits from the Debian Anti-harassment team

Dear all,

In order to help the Debian community understand the community health
and status of the Anti-harassment team, we will be sending out regular
small reports.

General info and contact

We are a point of contact for not only reporting inappropriate behaviour
or abuse, but also for any community member concerned about creating a
more welcoming and respectful environment in Debian.

If you see interactions that you consider deserve attention, please let
us know. Do now wait till a problem becomes too big, we can also act as
friendly de-escalators or mediators. And you can always forward
information for which no action is to be taken, but that will be kept in
file should a problem become more serious in the future.

The main documents that we use as reference and we recommend everybody
to know about them are:
* The Debian Diversity Statement, approved in 2012
* The Debian Code of Conduct, approved in 2014
* The DebConf Code of Conduct, introduced in 2014

The mail contact is antiharassment@debian.org and we try to keep our
wiki page up to date: https://wiki.debian.org/AntiHarassment
If you want to get in touch without contacting the whole team, or
without being recorded in the alias history, you can also contact any of
the members directly.

Team members

Here's the current composition of the team:

Laura Arjona Reina (IRC nick larjona) - since June 2016
Martín Ferrari (IRC nick Tincho) - since April 2018
Molly de Blanc (IRC nick mollydb) - since October 2018

We hope the team will continue to grow (we aim for 3-5 members, with
around 1 year turnover). Please contact the team if you would like to
help, or want to nominate somebody!

Recent activity

In the last 3 months we had the following activity:

* A suggestion/comment about improving transparency, hence this report
(we hope to send reports like this every 3 months).
* One request for intervention on a dispute about a package deemed
offensive; we issued our recommendation: Bug #907199
* We were informed by the Debian Project Leader (DPL) about 5 issues,
which he handled himself or forwarded/coordinated with Debian Account
Managers (DAM) (thanks!)
* We were asked by the DPL to intervene in a dispute between two
developers that had become too aggressive. We worked with the involved
parties to de-escalate and offer alternatives moving forward.
* We received several reports about one member of the project
(unwelcoming behaviour, disrespectful communication). We have
acknowledged the receipts and are in conversations about how to handle
this, in coordination with DPL/DAM (who where also informed by the
* We received one report about a Debian contributor (unwelcoming
behaviour). We have acknowledged the receipt, discussed within the team
how to act and with the core member of the team affected, and will take
action soon.
* We had a request about removing messages from mailing list and replied.
* Several attendees at DebConf 18 served as a local anti-harassment team
(see below), handling two disputes between attendees and a possible Code
of Conduct violation, and mediating in minor issues or offering advice
during the conference. A general reminder about the CoC was sent via
micronews several times during DebConf18.

Outstanding issues

We have the following outstanding issues (more than 3 months since
* A reported serious issue about behaviour of a Debian member towards
another person. This is a long standing issue and we have taken some
actions on it; we hope we can close it soon.
* We have been involved in the discussions about the photo policy for
DebConf, and we plan to make a proposal soon.

* In our wiki page[1] you can find the emeritus members of the team. We
thank them for their previous dedication to this task.
* None of the members of the team at the moment could attend DebConf18,
and so an ad-hoc team was created[2].
We want to specially thank them and recognise their dedication to step
up for such a task, and for doing it very well and in coordination with
us.  Their names are: Tássia Camões Araújo, Enrico Zini, Molly de Blanc
(now part of the AH team), and Taowa Munene-Tardif.
* Thanks to the Debian Project Leader and the Debian Account Managers
who also deal with requests related to violations of the Code of Conduct
and/or conflicts within Debian.

Final note
Our wiki page [1] also includes some references that can help in
communication within the project and creating a healthy and welcoming

[1]: https://wiki.debian.org/AntiHarassment
[2]: https://lists.debian.org/debconf-team/2018/07/msg00055.html

Kind regards

For the Debian Anti harassment team,
Laura Arjona Reina

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