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hacking a home with free technology and Debian

Hi everybody,

I've got an interesting opportunity to completely replace all the
sockets, lights, heating controls and appliances in my Dublin house with
things that are free or easily hackable.

Which direction are other people in the Debian and free software world
going with such projects?  Searching the wiki, the only significant page
I found was a reference to X10 protocol[1]

Other people have mentioned having some success hacking proprietary
devices that use Zigbee and ZWave.

Can anybody comment on these or any other related technologies?

Being more specific, at a bare minimum, I envisage having a small rack
with a Debian server, smart power sockets to control things like the
boiler and immersion heater and a range of lights around the house
controlled centrally.



1. https://wiki.debian.org/X10

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