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Do we need embargoes for GPL compliance issues?

Do you think Debian should welcome embargoes for GPL compliance
issues?  Security embargoes are a huge pain, but one would hope that
GPL violations by Linux distributions are much rarer events.

I'm asking because even with the GPLv3 or the Common Cure
<https://github.com/gplcc/gplcc>, the 30-day period seems awfully
short.  I don't think even organizations that care a lot about GPL
compliance (even formal compliance with exactly matching sources) will
be able to address an accidental violation in that time period.

Although the cure period only starts when notified by a copyright
holder, with a public notice, other, less cooperating copyright
holders might send a notification of their own and start another

Nothing can be done about GPLv2-only violations and the resulting
license termination, of course.

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