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Report on Debian Edu sprint at MiniDebcon Hamburg, May 2018

Hi all,

a bit late, but here's the report for the Debian Edu sprint at MiniDebconf

The sprint was more or less extended over the entire five days of
MiniDebconf, with everyone interested working on some tasks in Debian Edu,
and regular, half-daily meetings.

Holger Levsen, who also organised large parts of the MiniDebconf itself,
mainly worked on the preparation and coordiantion of the Debian Edu core
packages migration to Salsa, which reqired some thought about what dependent
systems and configurations would have to be changed, and created a list of
tasks that was worked on during and after the sprint to finish the

Wolfgang Schweer worked on the Debain Edu isntallation profiles and
decoupling specific aspects of the installation, so installation of minimal
systems and specialised systems (e.g.  as a router, separate backup server,
etc.) becomes easier.  He also worked on Debian Edu tests during image
building and autopkgtests.  Together with Mike Gabriel, he introduced and
tested teh desktop-autoloader system that will ensure fast loading times of
PXE clients in classrooms.  Besides that, NFS moutns in the preconfigured
Debian Edu network were made more secure by extending the Kerberos setup to
them.  Last, but not least, efforts were doen together with Phil to get the
Debian Edu installation iamges built on official infrastrucutre and using
official CD building procedure.  All that, togheter with some other aspects,
was also updated in the Debian Edu manual.

Mike Garbeil was involved in talking to new and old developers and
maintainers, and ensuring the community got to know each other better.  He
did some special work for schools using Debian Edu in Schleswig-Holstein.

Mike and Nik gave a talks on the state of Debian Edu, presenting the
history, current projects, goals and ideas, and the state of the community
in Germany.

Another outcome of the team meetings during the sprint was that we will
focus on involving the German community a bit better.  We will plan a
meeting where we will work on the non-technical aspects of Debain Edu (and
free software in education), in order to find out how we can place Debian
Edu in more German schools.

Thanks to everyoen who attended the sprint.


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