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Re: Article 13 of the EU copyright review

Chris Lamb writes ("Article 13 of the EU copyright review"):
> Would there any strong objections to the Project aligning itself
> against the new EU copyright review? For more background, here's a
> recent Linux Journal article about this reform attempt:
>   https://www.linuxjournal.com/content/how-eus-copyright-reform-threatens-open-source-and-how-fight-it
> … and the FSFE's campaign which anyone can sign in an individual
> capacity:

I haven't researched this, but FSFE are IMO an extremely reliable
guide to what to think about things.  As a general rule, I woud
support any of their campaigns.  (I have a number of their excellent
T-shirts too.)

NB that FSFE are quite are a different thing to the FSF, although,
obviously, they are allies.


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