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Telford Makerspace Grand Opening

Hi Debian Project!

On 12 May Telford Makerspace, here in the UK, is having its grand opening, where we will be inviting members of the public to come in and see what we do and have a go at a range of free activities - including the Debian operating system! I've personally been using debian as my main system since about 2010. We are a grass-roots non-profit organisation, dedicated to supporting technologically inclined makers, tinkerers and artists in the Telford area.

We will be handing out goodie bags on the opening day, to the first 50 visitors, to encourage them to come in and see what we do, and I was wondering whether you would be able to donate us any promotional materials/stickers etc. to put in them?

For more details about Telford Makerspace please look at our website http://telfordmaker.space and please reply to this email if you have any questions.

Thanks in advance,
Andy D'Arcy Jewell,
Chair, Telford Makerspace

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