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Re: I need help


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> De: "Paul Wise" <pabs@debian.org>
>> Misox
> I only found this PDF, I did not find any information about misox on
> youtube or on the website you mentioned. Could you please link to the
> misox website or code repository?
> http://biblioteca.uniss.edu.cu/sites/default/files/CD/Informatica%202016/doc/pc/SWL/SWL15.pdf

The talk should be this:
I don't speak spanish, but I think they say "misox" :-)

Leonel, maybe you remember that I had suggested insert the title and description talk.

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> De: "Leonel Salazar" <leonel.lordford@gmail.com>
> in http://www.grm.jovenclub.cu/repogutl/index.html or in Google... 

unfortunately the site is not visible.

best regards,

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