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Re: Debian trademark, EAN, proposed letter, SPI heads-up

On 08/31/2017 11:32 AM, Ian Jackson wrote:
Joshua D. Drake writes ("Re: Debian trademark, EAN, proposed letter, SPI heads-up"):
On 08/31/2017 07:19 AM, Ian Jackson wrote:
Debian would like to sign, jointly with SPI, a letter stating that we
do not intend to apply for EANs.  A draft of the letter is below.

The vendor should apply for their own EANs. If Debian/SPI applies for
them it will provide a communication of validity to the vendor
("Official Debian Images").

+1 for Debian not allowing an external vendor to appear as the official
distributor (unless they actually are).

I'm not sure I follow everything you said there, but it sounds to me
like you are happy with my proposed letter.  If I have misunderstood
then I'm afraid you'll have to clarify...

We are good.




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