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event reports, help with mentoring and Planet?

Hi all,

Anisa Kuci received assistance from Debian and FSFE for a recent visit
to events in Switzerland, she has blogged[1] about her experience. 
Anisa is now in Japan after receiving a bursary for giving a talk[2] at
State of the Map.

Kristi Progri blogged[3] about my recent visit to Open Labs[4] in Tirana
after the Digital-Born Media Carnival.  As I've commented previously,
really good things are happening in this region.  In particular, there
are some very serious and well prepared applicants for Outreachy.  If
you can mentor in the next rounds or if you can help connect these
interns with mentors in other communities please join us on
debian-outreach[5] or feel free to contact the Debian outreach admins or
myself off-list.

I added the blogs for several Open Labs members to Planet Debian but we
don't have the latest Planet Venus running there and it is not picking
them up.  Would anybody want to volunteer to join the Planet team and
help with issues like this?

The logs on planet-master.debian.org show things like this:

DEBUG:planet.runner:missing self link for http://anisakuci.com/feed/
DEBUG:planet.runner:missing html link for http://anisakuci.com/feed/

All their feeds appear to be missing the optional xml:base attribute and newer versions of Planet Venus appear to work successfully without it.  Elio Qoshi's blog is successfully appearing on Fedora and Mozilla planets and my own planet.freertc.org server (using planet-venus from stretch) can poll them too.

I tried using the "xml_base" parameter but it didn't appear to help.  Would anybody know how they can enable the xml:base attribute in their feeds as a workaround or is there something else that must be changed?



1. http://anisakuci.com/2017/08/11/events-in-zurich/
2. http://2017.stateofthemap.org/2017/how-to-build-up-an-osm-community/
3. https://kristiprogri.com/2017/08/05/debian-meet-up-tirana/
4. https://www.openlabs.cc
5. https://lists.debian.org/debian-outreach

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