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Re: Are online services also software for Debian's rules?

On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 10:32:57AM -0700, Miles Fidelman wrote:
> > > > Also, I don't want to move lots of software to contrib.  I would much
> > > > rather have it fixed by removing the support for the non-free services,
> > > > or by having plugin systems that allow only the non-free-interfacing
> > > > part to be in contrib.
> > > I believe this would be hugely counter-productive for free software.  It
> > > would hurt us way more than it would hurt proprietary services.
> > > 
> Who's us?  Developers?  Distro managers?  Packagers?  Users? Somebody else?

> And is "who gets hurt?" really the right question?  Isn't it more about who
> are "we" serving,
> and what best serves their interests.
Yes, and hurting someone in this context means not serving their


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