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vPro and secure Debian systems

Hi all,

There is a page[1] about AMT / vPro on the wiki, it doesn't mention any
of the security concerns[2] about this technology.

Is there anything that Debian can do as an OS (e.g. default settings,
check during installation) to protect users from risks associated with vPro?

For people who have a computer or laptop with vPro capabilities, can it
be made secure or are they better off getting rid of that system?

A lot of new Intel-based laptops, e.g. Thinkpads, offer a choice to buy
with or without vPro.  Does deselecting vPro during the customization
process actually make any difference from a security perspective, or is
the same stuff still present in the system anyway?



1. https://wiki.debian.org/AMT

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