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Re: Debian contributor Register of Interests

Paul Wise writes ("Re: Debian contributor Register of Interests"):
> Perhaps what we need is a a culture of awareness of our own personal
> potential conflicts of interest and guidelines for disclosure (where
> relevant) and examples of conduct that is not appropriate.


> Personally, I disclose in the Sponsors section of my activity blog
> posts which aspects of my involvement in FLOSS were influenced by
> employers. I usually mention in bug reports when I've filed a bug
> because of issues experienced by employers. I haven't mentioned
> employers in commit logs or debian/changelog though.

I (usually[1]) use my work email address (eg, in signed-off-by) when I
make contributions which were driven by my employment.


[1] Sometimes I fail to do so through oversight, or because I have to
work around busted work email systems.

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