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Re: Debian contributor Register of Interests

On Sun, May 14, 2017 at 08:08:09AM +0200, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> Indeed.  I also think there's a hang-up about financial conflicts of
> interest in the discussion, but for at least me (and I suspect others),
> money is a pretty weak motivator.  I generally have enough that it's
> something I don't need to spend much mental energy on.  An example of
> what I do think could cause conflicts of interest is where I'm part of
> some community (free software or not) and my interest is in ensuring I
> have a good standing or status in that community and this colours
> judgements I make in Debian.  I object to collecting all that
> information, though.  It would feel entirely too intrusive.
> There's a question of what is a legitimate interest and what is not, and
> this might be worth exploring, but I suspect it all comes down to «it
> depends» and reasonableness tests.
> I think «geniunely acting as independent individuals» is a meaningless
> concept, since everything we do is coloured by the context we're in and
> that includes social relations.

totally (=+1 on all quoted). Also, motivation and interests change.

So, I'm sorry, but IMO this wiki page is a waste of time with misleading

That said, have fun anyway but don't be surprised if the page stays pretty
empty and gets outdated fast.


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