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Re: Debian Linux VPAT

On Wed, May 03, 2017 at 10:17:10AM -0400, Alexander III, Paul R. (BAH) wrote:
>    Good Morning,
>    The Department of  Veteran Affairs Section 508 Office, is currently
>    reviewing COTS products that they are currently using (or a request
>    internally for purchase/use has been made) to ensure that the products
>    are Section 508 conformant. Your product, Debian Linux, has been
>    identified as one that the Department of the Veterans Affairs is using.
>    Can you please send information available, such as, a Voluntary Product
>    Accessibility Template (VPAT) or product description regarding Section
>    508?

Hey there Paul!

I see a 202 number -- are you in VACO or 1800? I can stop by. Email me off-list.

508 isn't an issue for Debian as VA uses it - it's used as a server
operating system, and the UI is *not* provided by Debian. The webapps
running on it would be subject to 508, but this is the systems
administrator facing, terminal based operating system.


>    Thank you for your assistance in your products evaluation.
>    Paul R. Alexander III
>    Section 508 Auditor
>    202-461-8837
>    Department of Veteran Affairs


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