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Re: having public irc logs?

Hello Wouter!

>> I didn't suggest that, but privacy online is seriously something that
>> *doesn't* exist, and people not understanding that are simply wrong.
>I disagree strongly with this statement.

the main sadness comes to a lot of friends, sharing on "private/semi public places"
a lots of private pictures, without understanding the damage that they might
receive in case of leaks.

saying "I told you" doesn't help fixing the problem, after a leak has been done
there is nothing left to do to repair it.

being aware of that is the most important thing, and there is nothing to leak when
something is public :)

[ interesting privacy definition ]

>Your argument that some information on IRC might be useful does hold
>some merit, however, but then going from there to "let's publically
>archive all IRC channels" is overdoing it, IMO. Instead, I would suggest
>that one of the following is done:
>- Encourage people to not make information public exclusively on IRC.
>  Debian does mailinglists as its primary mode of communication, so
>  everything that really matters is done on mailinglists.
>- If some team prefers to use IRC over mailinglists, then rather than
>  going "let's make everything public because there might be something
>  useful in there, see xyz", just make those team's channels be public.

I don't think I ever requested to have everything public, as said many
times, 3-4 channes should be enough.
I might add #-mentors, where a lot of nice packaging stuff is said,
and should probably made available to google search engine
(as -mentors mail list does).

Newcomers questions/answers are a great value for other people facing
same issues, would be nice to not loose all the answers there.


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