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Debian contributors survey - preliminary analysis available

Hi everybody,

this is just to let the Debian Project know that preliminary analysis of
the results of the Debian contributors survey we ran last December are
now available at:


(Note that since we didn't, on purpose, ask for participant emails, we
 have no direct way to inform each of them about results availability.
 The above URL was announced at the end of the survey though, so the
 participants who reached the end of the survey have a chance of
 eventually finding out. Of course feel free to spread the news to
 anyone you think might have participated in the survey.)

The above is just a preliminary analysis, with no discoursive commentary
yet, but it gives a statistical overview of the entire response set, as
well as drilling down into the specific sub-group of (uploading) Debian

Stefano Zacchiroli . zack@upsilon.cc . upsilon.cc/zack . . o . . . o . o
Computer Science Professor . CTO Software Heritage . . . . . o . . . o o
Former Debian Project Leader . OSI Board Director  . . . o o o . . . o .
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