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Re: another bulk order of kilts for debconf17? Was: New Debian kilts

Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> writes:

> On Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 04:27:11PM -0400, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
>>> On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 04:53:47PM +0100, Wolodja Wentland wrote:
>>> > I went to their store and asked and they quoted additional costs of
>>> > £700 for a *single* made-to-order kilt.
>>> Ouch! From what I remember when I got my kilt, 700£ is really really
>>> pricey. I know that North-America is probably on the wrong side of the
>>> world for most of the people interested in ordering, but I recommend
>>> Burnett & Struth's[0] as a kilt maker. They're located just north of
>>> Toronto, Canada. They made my personal kilt (combination of machine and
>>> hand sewing) out of a very uncommon tartan (I think it had to be custom
>>> woven since nobody kept it in stock) for about 650–700 CAD (~410–440£),
>>> tax included. The fabric was heavy weight (16oz I think) at that. On a
>>> side note, they also made my band kilt, which is 25 years old and still
>>> looks great apart from wear on the leather buckle straps (easily worn
>>> 10-15 times a year).
>>Given that next debconf is in Montreal, may be it would be sensible to
>>see placing an order for a few quilts with Burnett & Struth's ?
> Could do, maybe. I was also up in Edinburgh a couple of weekends back
> with Andy, and we spoke to one of the companies up there too. He's got
> the details and I'll let him post more info... :-)

Cool. Just before DC16 I got in touch with Lorna, from Geoffrey (Tailor),
who are the people that have made all the tartan to date -- they have
sold off their weaving operation and now outsource to people in (IIRC)
the Hebrides, who's looms are twice as wide, which would apparently
result in the other half of the cloth being upside-down (or perhaps
right-to-left) once made into a kilt.

It sounded like they should be able to sort something out anyway, and
were still looking into options, and seemed willing to underwrite part
of the order if we were to do a full length (which is rather a lot).

We're in no way tied to using them, of course, but they've done a decent
job in the past, so should certainly be at least considered.

On the other hand, if someone else can make then for much less at
similar quality (which wouldn't surprise me -- there's bound to be a
premium associated with getting it done in Edinburgh) then people might
well prefer that option.  I guess it's up to the people subscribing to
the order.

The fact that the pound has fallen since the "brexit" result might make
Edinburgh prices rather more affordable for some ;-)

One suggestion that has been made in the past (and supported by Neil
when he was DPL, but I failed to get anything sorted out about it) was
to do matched funding from Debian funds for any such order, to make sure
that there was a decent amount of stock left over, such that people
could then buy cloth without having to get over the hurdle of starting
another weaving run.  Of course, if that were to be done, we will need
someone to look after the cloth that remains in stock until it is sold.

Cheers, Phil.
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