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Re: third-party packages adding apt sources

On Sat, May 21, 2016 at 2:46 PM, Vincent Bernat wrote:

> A meta tool "package me this" would be interesting.

There is debdry but it got orphaned.

> many of those tools are too complex for many upstreams because they
> don't want to package each dependency one by one. For example,
> dh-make-golang is fully automatic but you need to run it on each
> dependency. That's fine because those tools are for building packages
> that should be fit to go into our archive.

ISTR A recursive mode is what some automatic packaging tools do there.

> For some languages, embedded copies are a pattern. Notably Go. But there
> is also the omnibus stance: the embedded copy could not be in the
> source, but could be in the shipped artifact. This includes Go, JS and
> Java (when using uberjars). For some other ecosystems, the embedded copy
> is more the exception than the rule (C, C++, Python).

By shipped artifact, it sounds like you are talking about source
packages? or do you mean binary packages?

> If upstream is using embedded copies, they are quite unlikely to make
> any effort tu undo this aspect.

I see upstreams doing that on debian-mentors reasonably often,
especially when the upstream is the one doing the RFS. For upstreams
who aren't interested in getting their software into Debian, that is
definitely the case.



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