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Re: Any Debian support for CubaConf

Hi Valessio,

On 11/05/2016 01:18, Valessio Brito wrote:
> Folks,
> Cuba + Debian is a perfect match! The realization of CubaConf.org was a
> success.
> I made a video to show some of the best moments[1]
> This email is also a support request for reimbursement for the cost I had
> with the shirts, if possible.
> A Cuban could not pay $8 or $5 as I had thought for the shirt. A Cuban 
> programmer earns about $20 a month and should pay $2 per 1 hour internet.
> Altogether 50 Debian shirts were gifted for Cuban and a few Venezuelans and
> Colombians who attended the event.  Some can be seen in photos[3].

FWIW, I really appreciate the work you're doing and I am happy to see
so much FOSS (and Debian) enthusiasts in Cuba. But really, the way this
expense has been handled is not acceptable. Expenses should be thoroughly
studied, and pre-approved (to double check its relevance and viability).
Please, let's avoid similar situations in the future.

> A total less than $300 USD[2].

I will approve the reimbursement _this time_, but I expect future requests
to follow standard rules (and be more thought-out). The reimbursement
procedure can be found here:




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