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Re: Re: Would you agree - Debian is for the tech savvy

On Thu, Feb 04, 2016 at 08:37:52PM -0500, Stephan Foley wrote:
> Very true, I agree with all of your points. Going back to my original
> purpose of posting this question, I wanted to do a sort of "sales
> pitch" to encourage Debian to offer Fluxbox as a task in the
> installer. I actually wrote up a spec which you can find here:

Well, since Debian is a volunteer-driven distribution, a sales pitch doesn't
really help all that much.

The best way to get anything done in Debian is to do it yourself. If you
want to encourage Debian to have Fluxbox as an easy-to-select option for
a desktop install, I encourage you to talk to the tasksel maintainers
and the debian-boot mailinglist to see what the needed bits would be,
and try to get them available.

Thanks for your enthousiasm, at the very least :-)

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