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scheduled downtime for Debian services at UBC (2016-01-29T06:00Z/14:00Z)


DSA has (just) been advised that there is a scheduled power outage at UBC that
will impact Debian services.  Specifically, power to the MCLD building will be
disrupted, impacting Debian machines in the MCLD server room directly and in
the KAIS server room indirectly.

The following hosts are in the MCLD server room (power outage):

* spontini.debian.org

The following hosts are in the KAIS server room (network outage):

* blavet.debian.org
* buxtehude.debian.org
* danzi.debian.org
* diabelli.debian.org
* elgar.debian.org
* fano.debian.org
* finzi.debian.org
* geo2.debian.org
* glinka.debian.org
* gombert.debian.org
* jenko.debian.org
* leda.debian.net
* lotti.debian.org
* lucatelli.debian.org
* menotti.debian.org
* muffat.debian.org
* nono.debian.org
* reger.debian.org
* sonntag.debian.org
* tchaikovsky.debian.org
* traetta.debian.org
* tye.debian.org
* ubc-bl2.debian.org
* ubc-bl3.debian.org
* ubc-bl4.debian.org
* ubc-bl6.debian.org
* ubc-bl7.debian.org
* ubc-bl8.debian.org
* ullmann.debian.org


Luca Filipozzi
Debian System Administration

Luca Filipozzi

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