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Re: Mini-DebConf in Cambridge, UK - November 5-8 2015

+++ Steve McIntyre [2015-09-14 16:20 +0100]:
> Hi!
> As so many people have been asking for it, I've decided to organise
> another mini-DebConf in Cambridge this year. Again, my employer ARM is
> going to host the conference for 4 days in November:
>  * 2 days for a mini-DebCamp (Thu 5 - Fri 6), with space for dedicated
>    development / sprint / team meetings for up to 40 people

I can do this bit
>  * 2 days for a more regular mini-conf (Sat 7 - Sun 8) with space for
>    more general talks, up to 100 people

But not this bit, as I need to take some students potholing. Bum. So
no talks from me, unless there is space in the mini-debcamp bit. (It
would be useful to say something about the current
cross-building/multiarch/bootstrap status) just so people know where
we are on the roadmap and things we'll still want help with before the
next freeze.

Principal hats:  Linaro, Debian, Wookware, ARM

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