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Re: What it means to be Debian

Sam Hartman writes ("Re: What it means to be Debian"):
> [...]  However, one of the things I value about our community is
> that our values ar expressed in terms of our actions, not our
> believes.

I also value in Debian _both_ that so many of the people in Debian
seem to believe so many of the same things as me, _and_ that Debian
welcomes people who believe differently.  But you are right that the
main entry criterion should be actions.

>  We even write text which I've always read as saying that we value
> working with people who have a variety of beliefs.  [...]

Indeed.  This is a bit paradoxical.

Of course I like working with people who share my beliefs and values.
But I also value working constructively together with people who
don't, even if those people are at other times sometimes Wrong On The


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