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Re: NCR unix system v/386 release 4 recover root password

On Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 04:26:42PM +0300, Mohammed El-Saadani wrote:
> Dear All
> we have NCR 3455 system from long time as attached all information for
> server (images)  ,
> so  we need your help to assist us to get root password which lost it ,
> really we appreciate your efforts  if you can send us the procedure for
> resting the administrator (root) password
> which this server handle data base application writing in COBOL language
> Actually i try to mount the HD to Centos 5.6 but it cant recognize the UNIX
> file system type  (GNU HURD or SysV) , so I cant reach to *passwd* file to
> edit it to reset password . for that reason i send you this e-mail and i
> hope if you can gently guide me with simple procedure  how i can mount the
> file system (GNU HURD or SysV) on Linux system or which OS UNIX / Linux
> even Live CD could help me to recognize this type of file system really I
> need solve this issue because need to add network printer to this server
> but  I don't have privilege  for that till get root password .
> *Note:*
> *we have SCSI to USB converter which we can connect the HD extrnaly to my
> laptop *
> P?riph?rique Amorce      D?but      Fin      Blocks      Id     Syst?me
> /dev/hdb4    *                1             523    4194157+ 63    *GNU HURD
> or SysV*
> your fast response and concerns highly appreciated
> [image: Displaying]
> Best regards,
> M.Saad

mount -t sysv /dev/hdb4 /mnt

for example.

sysv appears not to have any special options.

man mount 

may help. Note thre is absolutely no guarantee of anything at all working :(


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