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NVD report on vulnerabilities

I am part of a project based on Office automation solutions, it is primarily an analysis of Linux vs Windows applications and the OS itself as a better implementation in Corporate environment. I need some insight on the following

1. A understanding of the GFI report on vulnerabilities in Linux. Other than Heartbleed and Shellshock vulnerability, how can we assess the vulnerability of Debian Linux OS and applications? On a generic level.

2. What is the number of DDs and DMs working as part of the Debian project?

3. Is there a report or statistical figures showing the frequency of bugs, vulnerabilities identified vs patches and updates released?

I am still reading through the forums and have collected a lot of raw information and I am short of time for my report (Due two days from now) I am unware as to what is relevant information at this stage. I would be most grateful for some direction at least from you.

Thank you in anticipation

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