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Re: Alternative proposal (+call for seconds): Expire 2-R members every year

On Sun, Dec 07, 2014 at 02:55:23PM +0100, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Your scenario describes a case where a member of the TC fullfills their
> voting duties, but does not otherwise really participate in TC work.
> This can happen, but I don't really see a correlation between this
> happening, and the seniority of that specific TC member.
> One could imagine a scenario where a recently-appointed TC member goes
> semi-MIA very early, and still stay on the TC for 4 years. After all, in
> Debian teams, people go MIA for various reasons, and this is not
> correlated with their seniority in those particular teams.

We don't have date for this either way, but I'd say (as gut feeling /
experience in various teams) that yes: the likelihood of going MIA is
very much correlated with seniority in any given team. Intuitively,
that's also very easy to explain: when you join a team, you do so
because you're enthusiastic about it; with time passing, boredom kicks
in. After all, that's why team rotation is an encouraged practice in
many large-scale organization.

> Also, if the version of the GR I proposed gets chosen, I hope that the
> fact that resignations or removals can 'save' other members from
> expiration will result in yearly discussions where the status and
> activity level of each member gets reviewed, which could actually help
> address the general problem of semi-MIA TC members.

Discussions about under-performing fellow team members are very
difficult/awkward in general, and even more so in volunteer
organizations where we are all peers. This is why I'm convinced that an
automatic, non-optional expiry method would actually be a plus, rather
than a hindrance.

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