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Re: Thanks Russ for all your hard work


On 2014-11-14 at 07:41 (CET), Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi Russ,
> I just feel the need to express my deep thanks to all your work in
> Debian specifically in the endless systemd debate.  While I'm personally
> very neutral and just expect my computer to boot (which it does with
> systemd) I really appreciate all your sensible and always patient mails
> on the mailing list in situations where possibly every other person
> would have become crazy.  I never have observed a person like you who is
> constantly able to write kind and very nicely readable mails.  I admit I
> stopped to read close to everybody else mails in these endless threads
> but just read your postings.
> If I had any power to nominate somebody I would nominate you as the
> White Knight on the battlefield of flamewars.
> Thanks a lot and keep on with this great work


Matteo F. Vescovi || Debian Developer
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