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Re: Being part of a community and behaving


Could you please keep this whole mess on the mailing lists where it
came from? I (and I believe others) have unsubscribed from -devel and
-vote because we were fed up with the endless debate around the whole
systemd issue. Please don't make us also unsubscribe from -project ?


Quoting Ian Jackson (2014-11-13 17:53:30)
> Russ Allbery writes ("Re: Being part of a community and behaving"):
> > We waited two years, during which positions hardened, people got angrier
> > and angrier, and there were increasing demands to force the issue.
> > Serious question: how much longer were we realistically going to wait with
> > zero sign of forward progress?
> The correct reaction to people not adopting your software is to make
> your software better, not to conduct an aggressive marketing campaign
> aimed at persuading upstreams to built it in as a dependency, nor to
> overrun distro mailing lists with advocacy messages.
> Ian.
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