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Debian Quiz game


During one of DebConf14 evenings, I raised the idea of creating a
'Debian Quiz', inspired from the famous TCP/IP Drinking Game that used
to be maintained by Valerie Aurora [1,2].

[1] http://valerieaurora.org/tcpip.html
[2] http://sock-raw.org/netsec/tcpipdrink.html

We quickly found 23 questions:
Q: Give two names of girls that were originally part of the Debian Archive Kit (dak), that are still actively used today.
Q: Cite 5 different valid values for a package's urgency field. Are all of them different?
Q: What are most Debian project machines named after?
Q: What does the B in projectb stand for?
Q: Name three locations where Debian machines are hosted.
Q: What happened to Debian 1.0?
Q: Name the first Debian release.
Q: what are Debian releases named after? Why?
Q: Swirl on chin. Does it ring a bell?
Q: One Debian release was frozen for more than a year. Which one?
Q: Order correctly hamm, bo, potato, slink
Q: Order correctly lenny, woody, etch, sarge
Q: what was the first release with an "and-a-half" release?
Q: name the kernel version for sarge, etch, lenny, squeeze, wheezy. bonus for etch-n-half!
Q: What was Dunc Tank about? Who was the DPL at the time? Who were the release managers during Dunc Tank?
Q: Which one was the Dunc Tank release?
Q: Where were the first two DebConf held?
Q: Describe the Debian restricted use logo.
Q: What does piuparts stand for?
Q: What is the codename for experimental?
Q: Which DebConfs were held in a Nordic country?
Q: What is the official card game at DebConf?
Q: When was the Debian Maintainers status created?

However, I lack the time to turn this into something better, so I'm looking for

I've pushed the current state (with answers!) to collab-maint:

It would be great if a team could magically form to maintain it as a Debian
package. I'm Ccing people who already expressed interest in helping with this,
but feel free to just join the fun!


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