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Re: DEP-5 (copyright file format) ... gap with practice

On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 10:01:42AM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> How about - instead of codifying into Polict that some licensing is ok 
> to ignore (which sounds very wrong to me) we instead recognize that some 
> pattern of files are very commonly the same across packages: Add a DEP-5 
> snippet to /usr/share/common-licenses that is always assumed included in 
> debian/copyright of any package.
> Concretely I propose the attached file for that.

Thanks a lot for your snippet!, I find it very helpful.

OTOH, the proposal of shipping it under /usr/share/common-licenses/
violates the self-containedness of copyright information, which is a
nice property to have.  (To some extent we already violate that property
by shipping some full license texts under /usr/share/common-licenses/,
but at least the information about the mapping file<->license names is
currently expected to be available in the packages themselves.)

How about using your snippet to improve our packaging work-flows
instead? For instance, we can have a lintian check that verifies if
those files are present in the source package and emit a warning if they
are not listed (with the correct license) in debian/copyright.

Note that, thanks to the semantics of DEP-5, it is possible to do this
properly and avoid false positives also in the few cases where the files
are present in the source package but do not need explicit mention
(e.g., because their license matches the more general license of the
rest of the package).

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