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Code of Conduct violations handling process

I think more guidance for the teams involved would be helpful.  The
Debconf and Debian CoC statements are too difficult to amend.  The DC
and Debian teams should develop a process document which those
responsible would use to guide their actions.

That document should:

 * Give some examples of behaviours with in each case the appropriate
   response.  This will greatly assist the decisionmaking team.

 * Say who is responsible for dealing with complaints about bad
   behaviour occurring at (or associated with) Debian conferences and

   It seems to me that a conference raises different issues to the
   mostly online interactions in the rest of the project.  The nature
   of violations is likely to be different; the evidential basis is
   going to be different; and the required timescale for a response is
   much shorter.

   ISTM therefore that CoC complaints about behaviour at (or
   associated with) a Debian event such as a conference should be
   dealt with by the conference team (or a subteam of the conference

 * Say what should be done with complaints which are initially made to
   someone else.  (Answer: they should - with the complainant's
   consent - be passed directly to those responsible for investigating
   and adjudicating the complaint.)

 * State that decisions on the appropriate response to a violation
   should be made without involvement of the DPL or the press team,
   and should be without fear or favour (whether towards complainant
   or accused).

 * Outline our approach to violations by guest speakers, or other
   parties who attend the conference (or associated events) only
   briefly, where it is not possible to eject the violator (nor to
   threaten to, in order to extract an apology and promise of better

 * Outline whether and when any public statements will be made, and
   the rules for data sharing with other events.

I'm sure that we can borrow some wording from other organisations.  I
would suggest investigating SF conventions, and social justice
organisations and feminist sources, to see what they have to offer.
The software world is still lagging on this somewhat.


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