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Debian participation in the Outreach Program for Women


The Outreach Program for Women, organized by the GNOME foundation, aims
at helping women get involved in Free Software, in a scheme similar to
Google's Summer of Code. Nicolas Dandrimont and Tom Marble (Cced)
proposed to act as Debian coordinators for the winter edition of the
program, which I happily accepted. :-)

They will be in charge of finding sponsors to fund Debian's
participation, seeking projects proposals, deciding which project(s) get
selected for Debian slot(s), and generally dealing with the
administrative work with the GNOME foundation.

On the funding side, I've agreed to use up to $6,250 from Debian's
reserves to help fund this participation. If the search for sponsors
raises less than $6,250, Debian will pay the difference so that we can
have one slot. If it raises between $6,250 and 2*$6,250, Debian will pay
the difference so that we can have two slots, etc.

Please get in touch with Nicolas and Tom (they are both at DC14) if:
* you have ideas about possible sponsors
* you have ideas about possible projects, or are interested in mentoring
  one yourself
* you are interested in helping them organize all of this



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