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Re: Updating the list of Debian Trusted Organizations

Hi all,

(answering to debian-project)

Le mardi, 8 juillet 2014, 18.02:42 Lucas Nussbaum a écrit :
> In most jurisdictions around the world, the Debian project is not in a
> position to directly hold funds or other property. Such assets are
> therefore owned by a number of so called 'Trusted Organizations'.
> (…)
> Note that there are still a few other organizations holding Debian
> assets without being official Trusted Organizations (e.g.;
> Debian.ch). Work is ongoing to clarify their status.

Indeed. We have so far failed to push this discussion out, although I do 
hope that we will be able to start it in a few weeks' time.

Sorry for that,

OdyX, current debian.ch president

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