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Re: Prospective Trusted Organizations - FFIS

Dear Joey,

thanks for your replies!

> ffis e.V. supports Free Software in general, a small number of
> Free Software projects in particular, and maintains close
> relationship to the projects they are supporting, be it via an
> auditor, project leader or via a contact person within the
> project.
> We also have to be very careful with incoming and outgoing money
> so that neither money nor the charity status is lost.

This particular problem we'll also have with DC15 and it's important
that we keep in mind that trusted organisations are supposed to be
trusted to do the right thing in the interest of Debian, but within
the bounds of the local jurisdiction, not because they are really
just subsidiaries under the control of Debian. Such would not work
under most jurisdictions I assume. The German authorities won't
grant non-profit status to an association under the control of
"Debian", which cannot even be clearly defined in legally acceptable
terms in most countries, I'd say.

> > 3. In § 10 Abs. 8 it is stated that the minutes of the members'
> >    meetings are to be made publicly available. Yet, the last set of
> >    minutes linked online² is from 2006. § 10 Abs. 2 states that such
> >    a meeting must take place once every two years. Where can I find
> >    the minutes for 2008, 2010, and 2012?
> The last members' meeting has been held in 2009.

How did you handle re-elections and approval of the budget since


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