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Re: Unteralterbach (was: Re: clarify FTP master delegation?)

This one time, at band camp, Daniel Pocock said:
> Reading the thread, it appears that people have some hope that this
> would actually be considered as a package, e.g. if they remove the
> images that are technically illegal
> An outsider looking at that discussion - and not finding anything in our
> policies specifically rejecting content in this category - might
> unfortunately form the opinion that the chances of Debian accepting this
> package are higher than they actually are.

I am of the opinion that, far and away, the thing most likely to confuse
outsiders into thinking this sort of thing might be suitable for Debian
is the amount of serious engagement with this subject.  Gentle emails
saying "thanks for thinking of Debian, but no thanks, this isn't for us"
and then leaving it be would make the subject die much quicker, and
generate far less of the negative publicity you fear, than this
protracted, nonsensical debate.

> Maybe my original subject line (about FTP master delegation) didn't
> quite hit the target, but does anybody think there is an appropriate
> place to document Debian's rejection of such content slightly more
> firmly so that even if the package is never formally uploaded (and
> therefore never formally rejected), it can be said that this package was
> definitely not within Debian policies?  Could the FTP masters send an
> email on that thread clarifying this, a preemptive reject?

I don't think they need to.  They don't declare that we don't
manufacture cars, deal in conflict diamonds, send people into space or
any of a number of other things that might be interesting to some people
but lie outside of, and distract from, our goal.  The ftp team has
rejected far less distracting software in the past.  I have every reason
to believe they will continue to do the good job they have done in the
past.  Can we stop talking about this now and go back to doing what we
do best?

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