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Steve Langasek, go fuck yourself.

Steve Langasek, go fuck yourself.

I don't know what software your write other than upstart.
I just know that I like to have a stable base when I'm working on my code,
or constructing my virtual architecture.

Debian was that stable base. It wasn't redhat.

I am not going to tell you what software and projects I work on
as my projects have been attacked in the past in retaliation.

And yes, I knew what little internet cartoon you posted before
clicking on the link. Nice cliche trash. Shows the level
of intellect we are dealing with here.

You know, no one really has to accept anything.
We could have your knees broken for the things you do.
Won't happen, but your assertion is false. We do not
have to accept the dictates of your committie.

We could break your bones. Help you to reconsider.

Steve Langasek said:
*You*, OTOH, have to accept it because you're an anonymous troll whose words carry absolutely zero weight with the Debian community. You are this guy: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2004/03/19 And that guy doesn't get a say in Debian's decisions.


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