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Re: Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

> We all want there to be multiple implementations of standard, reasonable
> APIs so that we can choose software based on its merits and not because
> it's the only implementation of a useful interface.  We also all live in
> the real world where that doesn't always happen.  The work doesn't
> magically accomplish itself.  Someone has to care enough to make it
> happen.  If no one cares enough, then I think we need to recognize that
> maybe having multiple implementations isn't important enough to motivate
> anyone to volunteer to do it, and therefore we'll have to live without the
> benefits of having them.
> If that feels like an unacceptable outcome, well, I think the right
> reaction is to go do the work so that this outcome doesn't arise.

Thanks, Russ.  This is exactly how I feel, too.


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