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Restrictions for TOR connections on Debian IRC channels

Hi all,

Over the past few weeks, we've seen a number of issues with certain
people connecting over TOR, and repeatedly sending various inappropriate
comments to a number of IRC channels in the #debian* namespace,
including #debian-ctte and #debian-women.

Unfortunately, from a OFTC network point of view, there's very little
that can be done, short of taking the action of turning off TOR all
together. However, I'd like to propose that:

 Each channel that has the group @debian-ops in it's access list receives
 a "/mode +b *!*@*.tor-irc.oftc.net". Those who are registered can ask
 nickserv to provide them with a unique cloak tied to their account, with
 "/msg nickserv set cloak on". Channels who do not have the @debian-ops
 in the access list (/msg chanserv access #debian-foo list) would be

In summary, this would mean that those who connect over TOR, and are not
registered with nickserv would be unable to connect to those IRC
channels. I believe this allows legitimate tor users to still access our
channels, but would restrict the 'drive by' nature of some of the
unpleasentness we've seen recently.

As this potentially affects a large number of channels, I'd appreciate
any constructive feedback from the project before implementing.


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