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Re: State of the debian keyring

enrico@enricozini.org wrote:

>It also took me a long while to switch because I didn't understand that
>it was already this urgent,
Because unless you are paranoid, then it is not.
If anybody disagrees then please describe a credible threat model in
- an entity would want to have access to the key of a DD, and
- would find brute forcing a 1024 bit key more practical than 
  stealing it or coercing a developer to disclose it.

For bonus points compare this scenario with the development of Stuxnet.

>I think it would be useful to see an update to debian-devel-announce,
>explaining what's the current vulnerability status of 1024bit keys, and
It would be useful if it were backed by a real analisys instead of "OMG
the NSA could factor our keys!!!11!".


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