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Re: State of the debian keyring


Brian Gupta:
> weak key. We would allow DDs to use the new strong key to do their
> work for a limited period of time, while they seek the required two DD
> signatures. (Say 12 months, but this is fungible.) I am proposing a
> role key, so it doesn't get confused with "real sigs" and we can
> easily track who still needs real sigs.
OK, so except for the "use a role key for tracking" part this is exactly
what I proposed, or attempted to propose anyway, in my last email.

I don't think we'd need a separate role key, that'd require two key
transitions per DD and thus more work for the keyring maintainers.
A list of strong keys in the keyring as of now should be sufficent.

-- Matthias Urlichs

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