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Re: Honestly, fork systemd

On 14/02/14 14:58, Aigars Mahinovs wrote:
> On 14 February 2014 13:42, ChaosEsque Team <chaosesqueteam@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> The systemd fans ban anyone who say fork-that to systemd.
> Not respecting the communication culture of the project is a perfectly
> reasonable reason for a ban, regardless of the opinion expressed by
> the banned or held by the banners.
>> What can we do?
>> Can we fork debian? (Why do we have to...)
> During this whole debate what I came away feeling is that the
> strongest point of criticism against systemd was not technical or
> structural, but rather social - there is a significant and vocal
> discontent with the decision making process in systemd and with some
> specific decisions made with that process. Which leads to a fear of
> possible future problematic decisions.
> If that is not a reason enough to reject systemd from consideration
> (and apparently it is not), then there is another solution with a long
> history of success in open source community - *fork systemd*.
> Debian appears to have some important requirements and wishes that
> current upstream does not consider valid. If the current upstream
> continues to hold on to that position, then it might be beneficial to
> both Debian and the wider community if Debian leads a fork of systemd,
> implementing these requirements and wishes, seeking out other
> requirements and wishes that have been rejected or ignored and
> gathering a new development community around this fork in systemd.

To answer the original poster's own question, what can he do?

He can stop writing these emails and start writing code (a fork of
systemd supporting kFreeBSD, to be specific)

As a second choice, if he believes in this cause so valiantly but
doesn't know how to code, he can sell his home and give the money to the
free software developer of his choosing and pay them to make an alternative.

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