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Re: Debian SIP feedback?

Quoting Daniel Pocock (2014-02-04 22:15:42)
> I'm just wondering if people have further feedback about the Debian 
> SIP service
> https://rtc.debian.org has just been updated to overcome some issues 
> with local audio feedback
> For Firefox/Iceweasel users, there have been fixes in both the 
> JSCommunicator code and the Asterisk instance behind 
> http://www.sip5060.net/test-calls so this should also be stable.
> If there are complaints that haven't been answered, please let me 
> know.

I am quite excited that this service has been realized - and can imagine 
the frustration if it is met mostly with silence.

Unfortunately, I have no feedback for you now - I have not found time 
yet to dig into this marvellous service myself yet.

What I have is more of a meta feedback: It seems from above that 
feedback is provided to you personally.  I recommend to setup a 
mailinglist for this - e.g. at Alioth - and have feedback and discussion 
happen in public.

...or, obviously, if such list exists already, just remember to promote 
it wherever possible - e.g. by mentioning it explicitly in posts like 
above, and perhaps also setting Mail-Followup-To: (and Reply-To: for 
those MUAs ignoring that other mail header).

 - Jonas

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