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DSA Team Meeting minutes, 2013-12-13


here are the minutes from DSA monthly which we hold 2013-12-13. Sorry
for the delay of the meeting minutes.

- attendance
     o DSA
       - Héctor Orón Martínez (zumbi)
       - Luca Filipozzi (lfilipoz)
       - Martin Zobel-Helas (zobel)
       - Peter Palfrader (weasel)
       - Faidon Liambotis (paravoid)
       - Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen)
       - Stephen Gran (sgran)
     o Watchers:
       - Cyril Brulebois (kibi)
       - Ansgar Burchardt (ansgar)

- status updates
     o SSL certificates (zobel / lfilipoz)
       - gandi has not lived up to any of their promises
       - does not respond to our mails which lead to even more
       - re-pinged gandi about E-Rate pricing (zobel)
       - if no response, look for some other ssl provider (comodo, luca)
     o DSA pre-paid
       - current pre-paid credit card that Debian has is actually gift
         card, which cannot be used everywhere
       - luca will re-ping Debian Leader, Debian Auditor and SPI
         Treasurer regarding their offer of a prepaid credit card for DSA
     o franck's MSA (luca, zobel)
       - correct HP CarePack has been ordered
       - waiting for Softchoice to provide registration number
     o beethoven replacement (rt #4724, zobel)
       zobel working on a quote.  things may happen this year still, certainly in Jan.
       need to ship new beethoven disks to dg-i
     o SSO status (zobel)
     - no recent progress
   o UD rewrite status (luca)
       - no recent progress
     o ries data recovery (luca)
      - disks have been received at ubcece from brown
      - in December, need to schedule a outage for ravel so that ries
        disks can be installed and data recovered
      - ubcece paid for the shipping of the disks
     o CDN plan (tfheen)
       - no recent progress
       - maybe use blends.d.o, mozilla.d.n as volunteers projects for CDN
     o debdelta (tfheen, weasel)
       [XXX: check current status]
     o codesearch (tfheen)
      - no recent progress - blocked on systemd backport and system
      - KiBi and ansgar willing to look into a systemd backport
     o archive.org status (luca)
       - have not received responses to previous set of emails
       - will re-ping in January
     o stabile status (luca)
       - pre-owned 3ware controller has been received at ubcece from
         ebay vendor
       - in January, need to confirm which 3ware controller is bad and
       - ubcece paid for the pre-owned 3ware controller (which is
         discontinued; hence ebay)
     o DNS status:
           - ns4 to move away from orff: work in progress (weasel)
           - moving DNS master to denis.d.o
     o email unification (tfheen)
       - heads-up from tfheen, he is moving more and more services to
         the front-MXs
     o empty ravel
       - KiBi volunteered to help with coordinating of moving services
       - new people.d.o shall be a VM at Bytemark.
     o service guidelines
       work in progress (zobel)

+ meta:
     o meeting times and agendas
       - tfheen to organize finding a new slot
     o updated delegation listing zumbi as DSA
       - pending Debian Leader

- HW:
     o GRnet hardware purchases
       - blocked on paravoid <=> DPL interaction
     o ARM buildd plan/roadmap (zumbi)
       - hildegard.d.o: down, another disk failure
       - worried about the general state of arm HW reliability
       - ipa.d.n: to remain as porterbox.. it needs to be setup with
         Debian land
       + ARM hw options being discussed with:
  - Boston for Calxeda ARM server -- pending on them getting back to us
    with proposal
  - Upstream kernel guys plan to drop mv78x00 (armel buildds), they are
    contacting Marvell for replacement hardware -- pending on them to ping us
  - Development boards donations: mx6q based boundary devices,
    openblocks (armadaxp)
     o MIPS buildd plan (zumbi)
        - all our existing hardware is buggy.  If this does not get
          fixed, we will not have any buildd or porter hardware for jessie.
        - zobel to replace disk of rem next week when on-site.
        - people working on mips64el port want to enter debian-ports
        - they are using loongson 3A devices, it would be good to
          investigate deeper if we can source some of that hardware as buildd.
     o disks for bytemark (tfheen)
        - current plan is to get 1+12x 2tb sata disks.
     o MAN-DA hardware purchases - ganeti cluster hosts
       - no progress yet, zobel want to contact reseller in Berlin next
     o cyclades console servers at manda (zobel)
       - will be racked next week by zobel
- just starting
     o debian-ports plan (zumbi)
       + Need to migrate debian-ports services into DSA machine:
           - It needs to keep a separated archive from official one
             (mini-dak) and separated wb db.
       + Still need to figure out how are we going to allow non-DD uploaders
     o openstack (sgran)
     o single source of truth (lfilipoz)
       - after UD rewrite

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