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Re: Das geht ja gut los


Am Mo 16 Dez 2013 12:04:31 UTC schrieb Dominik George:


will mir das netinst ISO laden und was bekomme ich ? Server nicht
gefunden ! So kommt keiner vom Micromist System los.

1. this is an English mailing list
2. this is not a support mailing list
3. how did you try to download the image? If you used the link on the.start page, then yes, it is broken with a 404 Not Found, but not with the message you mentioned.

Thanks for the report, but please try to.be more accurate and constructive next time, both towards us *and* Microsoft!

+1 from me!
Uwe, I think in the two answers to your question you can see HOW great Debian Developers are:
they answer fast and polite even though your mail was not friendly at all ;-).

Angela -
a Developers wife who just reads the list

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