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Re: Please update the DSA delegation

Hi Martin,

On 05/12/13 at 23:03 +0100, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> Hi Lucas,
> > Hi Lucas,
> > 
> > I am pleased to announce that DSA has promoted Héctor Orón Martínez to a
> > full member of the team.
> I think that this mail must have been misinterpreted.  It was not meant
> to be a demand.  I was happy to share that we had recruited zumbi.  He's
> been working with us in one form or another for over three years now and
> is very experienced with porter workflow and helped a lot recently
> within the arm community.
> Within the last year he has shared more and more of our duties and my
> colleagues and I thought it high time that he not only be part of the
> team, but that he also be recognized by the project as such.  My
> colleagues and I are very excited to have him onboard.  Please rest
> assured that no offense was intended.

Thank you for this clarification.

As said in other emails, I'm sligthly backlogged due to some travel and
am travelling again next week, and I would prefer to factor in this
update the outcome of the current discussion with DSA.
But I will get to delegating Hector soon (very likely before the end
of 2013).

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