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DMUP, and USENET news service

I read http://www.debian.org/devel/dmup in that:

| Debian does not have any Usenet news servers. It may be that some of
| the Debian machines have access to such a news server, but their use
| through Debian machines is strictly forbidden.

I would like to offer reader access to my news server, if that would
be something that DSA would think useful.

I guess the Debian machines all have reverse DNS of the form
*.debian.org, and matching forward DNS.  I already control access by
DNS and IP address, so this wouldn't be any reduction in security for
my system.

I wouldn't want to deal with requests from individual developers for
changes to the access control list, so this would involve either
running the news client on debian.org machines, or ssh port forwarding
or the like.

If this is something that you would support please let me know and I
will make the appropriate change to my access control list.

Mor information about chiark's news service is here:


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