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Re: Possibly moving Debian services to a CDN

]] anarcat 

> All the tools currently running the Debian mirror architecture. Some
> mirrors may run an FTP mirror on a non-free software, but they don't
> *have* to, and we unfortunately can't control that.

No, they can't.  You can't route a packet through the public internet
without it hitting non-free software. Heck, you can't get a normal
server that will run without non-free software.  (If nothing else,
firmware for the ethernet controller or the firmware for the EC or

This is not a two-tone discussion and trying to make it one will not
lead to a useful outcome.

> Yes, it's extra work, but it's feasible. The question is: do we want to
> keep on running our own CDN, or do we want to give up?
> I say we should keep doing it. Autonomy is important for our
> community. And a commercial CDN will come with strings attached - Gimp
> just moved off Sourceforge for that reason...

It's not a vote, and it's easy for the people who do not have to do
anything but send mails to a mailing list to say «we should spend more

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