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Re: Proposed MBF - mentions of the word "Ubuntu"

Steve Langasek wrote:
> In the event that an over-enthusiastic mark holder tries to tell Debian that
> their nominative use of a trademark (in a package name, file name, etc.) is
> infringing, the appropriate course of action for Debian to take is to
> *reject these claims*, and continue using the mark.  Not to buckle under
> pressure and set a bad precedent for other mark holders to follow; not to
> rename the software and cause confusion for our users.

The Firefox renaming has made Debian worse for our users. If we can
avoid such renamings of software included in Debian, we should do so.

It doesn't follow that we should preserve references to trademarks of
software not included in Debian when the rights-holders are being
annoying. Refeferring to unix as "*nix" was not a bad precedent.

see shy jo

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