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DSA Team Meeting minutes, 2013-11-08


  Minutes from DSA monthly meeting follow:

paravoid (Faidon Liambotis)
weasel (Peter Palfrader)
zumbi (Héctor Orón Martínez)
zobel (Martin Zobel-Helas)

- Ongoing project update
     o franck and carepacks (luca, zobel)
       - luca to call HP and clarify
     o SSO status (zobel)
       - January will have a  sprint
     o SSL certificates
        - explore use of debian/spi credit cards (lucas)
        - ACTION: zobel to figure something out.  zumbi to help.
     o New UD status (luca)
     o ries disk shipping (luca)
     o CDN plan (tfheen)
       - discussion on project happened.
       - what now?
     o debdelta (tfheen, weasel)
       - debdelta VM set up.  now interacting with
         service owner for setup.
     o codesearch (tfheen)

   . HW:
     o ARM buildd plan/roadmap (zumbi)
       - for discussion next week, during ARM sprint in Cambridge, UK.
     o disks for bytemark (tfheen)
     o GRnet hardware purchases
       ACTION: paravoid to ask the DPL whom to invoice
     o HP AllianceOne for Greece
     o MAN-DA hardware purchases
       - no progress yet, zobel want to contact reseller in Berlin next week
     o beethoven replacement (rt #4724, zobel)
       - no easy possibility to buy hardware in .de and have the receipt for DebConf13.ch
       - we will either need to buy hardware in .ch and ship it to .de or need to buy it from money at FFIS
     o cyclades console servers at manda (zobel)
       - to be brougt from zobel's parents to local admin next week.
     o howells.d.o needs new disk (rt#4682)
       - ACTION: zumbi to take charge.
   . just starting
     o ns4 to move away from orff (weasel)
       - no progress, hopeful for RSN (some time this year).
     o openstack (sgran)
     o service guidelines (zobel)
     o archive.org
     o stabile
     o single source of truth

Next meeting: December 13th, 2013  14h30 UTC @ #debian-admin OFTC network

  Hector Oron

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