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Re: Should mailing list bans be published?

Hi Jonathan,

Le dimanche, 3 novembre 2013 14.06:33 Jonathan Dowland a écrit :
>                             I think bans should be time-limited in
> almost all cases, with perma-bans being very rare indeed. I don't
> think that ban durations should be disclosed publically or to the
> person banned (otherwise badly behaved people will just count down to
> the ban lifting before posting.)

I disagree on the point of not making the ban durations public. Although 
I understand the effect you're afraid of, I think that the benefits of 
having the durations public outweigh the downsides: even if the banned 
persons could try to trick the system, that would be easily detected I 
think. Also, most of the effects of the ban are social, not technical.

The ban durations should be made public (and very much communicated to 
the banned person) because that gives a dimension to the punishment, you 
can then get "short" or "long" bans, depending on how far you crossed 
the line. An offender could first get a short ban, and when coming back, 
if crossing the line again, a longer ban (exponentially). The only limit 
to that would be the listmasters' patience.


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